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Create still another design by butting the boards together rather than leaving spaces. For this design you may want to use five boards on each side, rather than three. The shutter will be much more narrow if you only use three on each side, while butting them all together. The butted boards can be all the same length or can shrink in size as they move away from the window. No matter what design you select you'll hang them and then cut horizontal boards.

There are new stock designs, in real and faux woods. Vinyl wood grain window blinds are another option for a wood blind look. Wood grain is a natural and simple design that goes with virtually anything. Wood blinds are available in a variety of wood stains, including pecan, oak, mahogany, maple, chestnut, bamboo or natural. Colors are also available, in black, white or green. Basswood is a popular, lightweight wood for window blinds.

Kitchens, bathrooms and rooms with an abundance of tile, wood flooring and cabinetry are famous for this and nothing can soften this better by absorbing some of the sound than a little fabric in a valance, fabric shade or drapery.

Choosing the right blind for your home can be challenging at the best of times. One of the best ways to choose Lakeland Shades is to visit one of the many internet merchants that sell blinds and browse through their blinds gallery. It is important to create a cleaner look by matching the colors properly. Think about your room and how you would like your window blind to compliment it. If you would like to create a cleaner look, matching colors will make your blinds seem less important.

A beaded curtain is an ideal window treatment for a high window that does not require privacy. Rather than leave the window without the beauty that a window treatment can add, create a beaded curtain for it. The beaded curtain will ornament the window without blocking light. In fact, sunlight will reflect on the beads, making the beaded curtain seem as if it is glittering. It's an easy and fun window treatment to make yourself and one that will add beauty to your home. Read the step-by-step instructions for creating your own privacy window decorating curtain.

An arched window provides the unique opportunity to cover only part of the window. Typically, the arch is so high that you only need to cover the bottom portion of the window when you need privacy. To do this, you simply hang a curtain rod right over the portion of the window where the straight, parallel sides end and the curve of the arch begins. This allows natural light to enter the room at all times and also leaves the decorative arch on display. The most common type of window treatment used for this is sheer curtain panels. However, you can use any type of curtain or drape that you like.

Customized, remote automation of QMotion Shades is available with the Home Manager ST, a web-based interface. This system is so advanced it can also control lights, sensors and thermostats, for total environmental home automation.

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